About Us

I have always enjoyed washing and detailing vehicles, allowing their true beauty to show. The feeling of instant gratification received when you see the finished product is what we aim for.

With over 20 years of experiance let DETROIT AUTO DETAILING show you why we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and making your vehicle look as good as new!

All detailing is done inside our shop.  No matter what!

 We detail all vehicles inside a clean, well kept shop. DETROIT AUTO DETAILING believes that if you are going to have your vehicle detailed it should be done inside a controlled environment! NO vehicles are detailed in a parking lot, on dirt/gravel, or under a covered area where dust and other environmental factors affect the finished product! DETROIT AUTO DETAILING takes the necessary steps needed to detail a vehicle no mater what package you decide on. Whether you choose a full detail or simply an exterior wash you can rest assured knowing that it is done inside our shop!